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Nightmare scenario:  You’re in your shower, you just put the shampoo in your hair…all the sudden the water temp turns cold!  Freezing water is pouring down all over you while you are trying to escape the stream with shampoo all in your hair and eyes!  No one living in Wood Dale, ever wants this to happen to them! Don’t worry, Mas Plumbing is here to help! We are the number one water heater service for repair, replacement, and installation so you can always count on hot water when you shower.  Choosing Mas Plumbing for all of your water heater needs means that you are choosing: 

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As you can see, we are ready to help with all of your water heater needs now! If you are looking for the water heater service you can rely in local Wood Dale Illinois, call us today or if you prefer to; fill out the contact form on the right and someone will schedule your personal plumbing technician now! 

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Wood Dale Water Heater Repair & Installation

We often get phone calls from homeowners in Wood Dale Illinois wondering whether or not they should repair or just replace their water heater. Many times the answer to this question depends greatly on the answer to a number of other questions such as; how old is the current water heater, how many gallons, how many people in the household, how many bathrooms, showers, etc.

At Mas Plumbing we have seen all the bad and the ugly when it comes to water heater problems. There are the minor inconveniences (no hot showers) all the way up to major damage like flooding caused by a leaking tank).

Finally a Wood Dale water heater expert you can call with the right solutions. Mas Plumbing proudly offers the following services to both residential and commercial properties:

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Water Heater Repair Wood Dale Illinois

A home’s  Hot Water Heater or Hot Water Tank is increasingly an essential part of any modern Illinois household. Just think of all of the daily chores and functions that rely on hot water. You have the showers and baths, dishes, laundry, etc. Don’t let your routine come to a screeching halt because your hot water tank or hot water heater isn’t working properly.

Just like any mechanical appliance or system in your home, Hot Water Heaters are prone to failure. The cause of failure can vary based on a number of different circumstances such as, the hardness of the water, the hot water demands of the home, the brand of the tank or water heater, the installation, etc. Under normal circumstances and with proper installation and maintenance a Hot Water Heater brands can last 10 years or more when properly cared for.


Water heater replacement & Installation Wood Dale Illinois

Here are a few of the common signs which mean you might need to replace your water heater.

#1. The age of your Hot Water Tank. A water heater is expected to only last 8-12 years.

#2. Are you experiencing colored or tinted hot water from your taps?

#3. Do you notice decreased temperature, and you haven’t changed the setting?

#4. Do you notice any water pooling around the base of your hot water tank?

#5. An ice cold shower first thing in the morning is a pretty good sign that something is wrong.

#6. A flood in the area around the water heater is a sure sign that you need a new one.

MAS Plumbing is a full service plumbing contractor specializing in Hot Water Tank repairs, service, sales and installation.  We can quickly tell you what needs to be done with your water heater and can either repair or replace usually the same day.  If you’ve just experienced a hot water tank failure, now may also be a good time to start researching Tankless Water Heaters.


Types of Water Heaters

We serve 3 common types of water heaters found in Wood Dale Illinois homes: Gas Water Heaters, Electric Water Heaters, and Tankless Water Heaters. We are able to install and repair Bradford White and other major brands.


Why Mas Plumbing?

Our licensed plumbers are ready to do what ever it takes to offer premium service when you need it.  from inspecting, repairing and maintaining your current unit to installing a new model, hauling away the old one, and leaving your home as clean or cleaner than when we arrived. When it comes to Water Tank and Water Heater service in Wood Dale Illinois you can depend on us for the following:

  • Full Installation & Repair Service
  • Emergency replacements available 24/7
  • We have gas and electric units available
  • We offer free disposal of old water heater

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