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Water & Gas Line Repair and Installation Service in Berwyn

Working on water or gas lines is no job for do-it-yourselfers. It takes experienced professionals to perform competent service safely and effectively. 

Mas Plumbing is available whether you want to repair a gas line to a new or existing gas burning fireplace, install a new water heater, a high-efficiency gas stove, or an outdoor barbecue/grill.

We are available to install new water or new gas lines for whatever your needs. 

When you choose a new appliance for your Berwyn home chances are this new equipment relies on a steady stream of water to function, this is the case with such appliances as a dishwasher, fridge, or water filter. Unless you are replacing these items with one with similar capabilities, you will need a sturdy water line hookup. You also need a trustworthy plumbing company to install new sewer and water pipes, as any leaks from these appliances can cause mold buildup and sewer damage. Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE over the phone. 

Water Line Service

Repair interior copper or galvanized pipes

Replace old galvanized lines with new copper piping

Repair water service lines in yard or parkway

Gas Line Service

Install new gas line to any appliance

Repair leaking appliance lines

Gas grills, generators, heaters and more


Frequently asked questions


Here are a few of the most frequent asked questions we receive.

Are You Available for emergency service

Yes, our highly trained and lisenced plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency service. If you detect a gas leak please CALL US IMMEDIATELY. Also call your gas company.

Do You install water lines for remodels

Absoluletly, we have been providing water line installation for all your kitchen, bath, and remodeling needs. We can install water lines for toilets, showers, bathtubs, saunas, bidets and more!

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