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RPZ Certification Service in Elmhurst
  • Installation and repair of RPZ devices
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RPZ Certification, Installation & Maintenance Service

Backflow Testing &  RPZ Certification Service in Elmhurst, Illinois.

MAS Plumbing is fully certified to install and maintain your RPZ device. An RPZ, also known as the Reduced Pressure Zone device, is essential in keeping the drinking water supply in your property safe from backflow contamination. In Elmhurst,  it is required by law to get the backflow tested annually to ensure public safety. The highly-trained technicians at MAS Plumbing are registered with the Illinois EPA Division of Public Water and are available to install and maintain all RPZ devices. Contact us today to schedule your RPZ certification, repair, or maintenance service.

To ensure water safety, a backflow preventer test is required annually in almost all towns and villages in the Chicagoland area.

Let MAS Plumbing handle the testing of the backflow, and make sure that your backflow prevention device is working properly. As per Illinois law, your backflow device needs to be certified. You don’t want contaminated water getting into your kitchen or bathroom. You can trust MAS Plumbing to make sure everything is running properly and for the installation of a device if one is needed. Learn more about our Commercial Plumbing Services and New Construction Services.

How Does an RPZ Device Work?

The RPZ device consists of two independent check valves with a pressure monitored chamber between them. The chamber is maintained at a pressure that is lower than the water supply pressure, but high enough to be useful downstream. The reduced pressure is guaranteed by a differential pressure relief valve, which automatically relieves excess pressure in the chamber by discharging to a drain. 4 test cocks are installed to allow an inspector to verify the proper operation of the valve with a differential pressure meter. Two gate valves (one before and one after the RPZ) are provided to allow for testing and repair.

The experienced team of technicians we have here at MAS Plumbing extends far beyond the professional installation of essential RPZ valves. In fact, our team can provide all the required testing and certification of RPZ valves for both residential and commercial use. During the RPZ certification process for your Elmhurst, Illinois property, one of our licensed plumbers will create inspection reports to be submitted to the Elmhurst area water authority.



Backflow Testing & RPZ Ceritification SERVICE AVAILABLE IN:

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