Reduced Pressure Zone

RPZ Certification Elk Grove Village
  • Required reporting to municipalities and testing companies
  • Testing and certification of devices
  • Installation and repair of RPZ devices
  • Annual reminders of required PRZ testing
Since 1999

RPZ Certification, Installation & Maintenance Service Elk Grove Village Illinois

Affordable & Prompt RPZ Certification.

RPZ stands for Reduced Pressure Zone and refers to devices whose purpose is to protect your drinking water supply from potential contamination by lawn irrigation systems, indoor fire sprinkler systems and other equipment. Annual certification to install and service RPZ devices is required by law; MAS Plumbing is fully certified and our technicians are registered with Illinois EPA Division of Public Water. 

Almost all villages and towns in the Chicago area, require you to have a backflow preventer test completed on an annual basis.

Without a backflow test and a backflow prevention assembly, your sprinkler system, swimming pool, or even your water heater could be pushing contaminated water back into your kitchen and bathroom. Even if you have an existing backflow prevention device, in Illinois you must have annual backflow testing to guarantee that the device is working properly.


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