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Signs You Need a Local Drain Cleaning Service

Many home and business owners don’t believe that they need a local drain cleaning to take care of their clogged drains. Many will reach for over the counter methods or “tried and true” advice online.  One of the problems is that these chemicals can be dangerous to you and your family.  Sometimes using other methods can actually end up ruining your plumbing further on down the line.  

However, before we get into the best ways to try and unclog a drain and when to call an expert, let’s examine the most common reasons a sink or tub can clog up in the first place.  Depending on the age of your home in Arlington Heights, you can be dealing with different kinds of piping.  Older homes will have galvanized piping, whereas newer homes might see copper, pex, or more pvc used for sewer lines. While older pipes generally do clog more than newer ones, there are still other reasons you can expect depending on where the clog is occurring.  Isolating the where the clog is can help try and dislodge the clog. 

Kitchen Drains:  If your kitchen is clogged or draining slow it is usually two things.  First, and the most common problem reported in Arlington Heights for kitchen sink clogs, is grease and another build up around the edges of the pipe. When grease is trapped it makes the water flow more narrow and this build up over time will just become worse and worse.  Because the water can’t flow out, your sink will drain slower and other things will just attach to the grease build up around the pipe.  Another reason your kitchen sink might clog is because of your garbage disposal.  garbage disposals can clog very easily.  If you are dealing with a garbage disposal clog BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL.  If you are experiencing kitchen sink clogs and are not sure how to fix it call a local plumbing expert and they will help you determine the cause and the best way to fix the problem. 

Bathroom Sink:  If you are experiencing a clog in your bathroom sink this might be the cause of a couple different problems.  First and foremost is hair build up.  Bathroom sinks are notorious for developing a clog or a back up in your p trap because of hair and other debris build up.  Bathroom sinks are usually the most common drain clog removals local plumbers get in Arlington Heights, Illinois. 

Floor Drains: Depending on the age of your home or business in Arlington Heights, you might have floor drains installed in your laundry floors or possibly in your shower in the basement.  These drains flow directly into your sewer line so therefore if these drains are clogged this can be indicative of a bigger problem down the line. If you are having a problem with drains that are directly on your floor call a professional plumbing service in the area and let them take a look so the problem doesn’t get worse. 

Outside Drains: Again depending on how old your home is, you might have outside drains installed in order to protect rooms from being flooded.  Most of these are typically found old laundry rooms, basements, garage doors in your backyard.  These drains HAVE to remain clear in order for water to not build up in the area and then flood the room these drains are trying to prevent.  Most times these drains just build up with outside elements; twigs, debris, and more.  If you have a shop vac stick it down and clearing out the drain should free it up.  However, if you are still having problems with the drain then call Mas Plumbing.  We have more powerful equipment that will get your flow back. 

Local Drain Cleaning Specialists

Now that we have isolated the sink and the problem that might be causing the drain clog, it is time to fix it. There are several ways you can unclog a drain, from household chemicals to your own mixtures, to professional services.  However, the real question is which one is the best for what you are trying to accomplish. 

First a word of WARNING.  If you are working with dangerous chemical products such as lye and more to unclog your drain always wear a professional facemask and gloves.  It will give you a chemical burn!  Secondly, DO NOT MIX CHEMICALS DOWN THE DRAIN!  You can cause an explosion in your pipes that could also harm you or your family by putting multiple cleaning solutions down the drain.  If you try one over the counter method and the clog still isn’t gone, call a local professional plumbing service in Arlington Heights, so they can clean it out the clog without you seriously harming yourself!

Conversely, there are several other methods you can use in order to make your drains flow easily once more: 

  1. Boiling Water:  One of the easiest methods is boiling a pot of hot water and pouring it down the drain in two to three stages.  Don’t pour the water all down at once this will not let the hot water work. 
  2. Baking Soda and Vinegar: This combination is effective for removing small and minor clogs in your drain. It will also remove build up around the pipe. 
  3. Shop Vac:  if you have a shop vac that can handle water this can actually draw up the clog into the machine.  Make sure the suction is tight around the drain and straight up and down giving it the best chance to draw as much suction as possible. 
  4. Bent Wire Hanger: Simple and elegant, bending a wire hanger and stick it down the drain might collect the problem which is causing the clog.  
  5. Drain Snake:  There are over the counter drain snakes that are pretty useful.  However, the problem is the power they have behind them.  
  6. Plunger:  Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most elegant.  Your plunger works on toilet clogs and it will work on your simple and easy drain clogs. 

If you have tried these options then it is time to call a professional drain cleaning business in Arlington Heights, to help.  Also, remember that not all pipes are connected the same way throughout homes.  If you come up against something with a snake or you have tried over and over again with these methods or liquid products that you have bought over and over again that means that there is a more complicated problem than a simple hair clog. 


Local Drain Clog Service Arlington Heights

Since there are so many reasons that a drain can clog it is a good idea to rely on a local service for really tough clogs. If a drain clog is more serious or will not go away do not pour multiple chemicals down the drain.  Again, and we cannot stress this enough; you can do serious damage to you are your family. 

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