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Sewer Service in Lisle IL

Affordable & Fast Sewer Repair and Sewer Line Installation.

Equipped with the most powerful and latest technology, MAS Plumbing is ready to tackle nearly any sewer problem your home could possibly come across. From fixing pipe breaks along the foundation wall, to collapsed and back pitched lines or settling of sewer lines anywhere on the property, we have the tools and knowledge to resolve your home’s sewer issue fast. We can install outdoor cleanouts that are unnoticeable and offer easy access to your sewer line if there is a problem. We even install flood control systems that will stop sewage from backing up in your home’s basement. Contact us today for a FREE Quote right over the phone. 

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What Causes Sewer Line Clogs & Damage

When we’re fielding calls from residents in the Lisle area inquiring about sewer repair, we typically have a good idea as to what problem is occurring. We’ve listed of some of the more common causes for sewer clogs and breakdowns.

  • Tree Roots- this problem is known to be an issue in older homes. Tree roots are the most common cause of backups and the reason why is they can grow through just about anything, including your sewer line walls. If tree roots break through the sewer line, it can cause clogs, backups as well as ruptures.
  • Sediment & Rust Buildup- Did you know that the water in your home contains several minerals in its composition including Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, and Zinc? These minerals, in addition to rust, can break down, crack or even rupture your sewer lining and walls.
  • Ground Shifting or High Water Pressure- both of these circumstances can cause major damage to your home’s sewer line. Ground shifts can be caused by something as common as bad weather when the ground is completely saturated.
Review by Austin S.
They were able to rot out my sewer line, called in the morning and by the end of the day they had completed the work. Will definitely call again for any issues.


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