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MAS Plumbing is equipped with the necessary tools to handle virtually any type of sewer problem you’re likely to encounter. Whether it’s fixing pipe breaks at the foundation wall, collapsed and back pitched lines or settling of sewer lines anywhere on the premises, we’re ready to solve your home’s problem quickly. We also install outdoor cleanouts that usually go unnoticed but offer easy access to your sewer line if needed. We can install flood control systems that will prevent sewage from backing up in your basement.

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What Causes Sewer Line Clogs & Damage

When we received calls from a home owner in the Downers Grove area for sewer repair, we usually already have an idea as to what the problem could be. So we’ve provided a list of some of the most common causes that for sewer clogs and breakdowns.

  • Tree Roots- this is especially common with older homes in older communities. Tree roots are one of the most common causes of backups because they can grow through nearly everything, including your sewer line walls. Once tree roots break through the sewer line, it can result in clogs, backups and even ruptures.
  • Sediment & Rust Buildup- Did you know that your water contains many minerals such as Calcium, Copper, Magnesium, Sodium, Iron, and Zinc? These minerals, in addition to rust, can break down, crack or even rupture your sewer lining and walls.
  • Ground Shifting or High Water Pressure- both of these can cause a lot of problems for your home’s sewer line. Ground shifts can even be caused by something as simple as weather.
Review by MJ.
We recently had an issue with our kitchen drain that required some serious help. After initial contact and consultation, it was decided a camera inspection would be the appropriate first step to properly diagnose the issue. We’ve had prior problems with this drain and due to the way our Monterey-style home in Hanover Park was constructed, I was fearful of the worst. We were quoted several options to resolve the issue from additional rodding to drain disconnection with a repipe of the drain system. Tony was great from the beginning taking the time to answer my questions about each option given. We decided to go with the disconnection and reroute to alleviate the potential of any unseen issues under the slab on the front of our home. He did a great job disconnecting the current line and installing a drain bucket pump which connected back into our overhead sewer on the opposite side of our basement. I’m sure it took him longer than expected and didn’t help to have a DIY homeowner over his shoulder the entire way but he persisted when the installation got difficult and the results are fantastic. The drain really has never performed better and the best part is a happy wife once again. I can’t thank them enough and see tremendous value in the fair price I was quoted. I would not hesitate to call them again (hopefully not soon) if any other plumbing issues arise. Furthermore, I would not hesitate to recommend them to all of our friends and family in the area.


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