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Full Service Sewer Repair and Installation Service in Glen Ellyn Illinois

REASONABLE & PROMPT Sewer Repair and Sewer Line Installation.

MAS Plumbing is armed with experience, fully-stocked and ready to repair nearly every type of sewer problems that can occur. We fix including broken pipes at the foundation wall, collapsed and back pitched lines and settled sewer lines anywhere on the premises. We also install outdoor clean-outs to ensure your sewer line is easily accessible, as well as flood control systems to prevent sewage and flood water from entering your basement and causing a soggy mess of damage. Contact us today for a FREE Quote. 


Maximum Discount of $100. Please print coupon and give to your technician at time of service. Not valid with any other coupon.


We will always do our best to be upfront and clear with our pricing. Have questions, or want a ball park before we arrive? No worries, call and we will give you an estimate right over the phone.


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What Causes Sewer Line Clogs & Damage

With our years of experience, when we receive calls from residents in the Glen Ellyn area about sewer problems, we already have an idea of what the source of the problem is. Here’s a list of just some of the most common sewer problems that have been known to cause sewer clogs and breakdowns.

  • Tree Roots- This problem is very common with older homes and communities with big, established trees. Surprisingly, tree roots can grow through just about anything, including your sewer line walls. Once tree roots break into the sewer line, they can cause all sorts of disruptions including clogs, backups and even ruptures.
  • Sediment & Rust Buildup- Water contains several minerals in its composition including Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Copper, Iron, and Zinc. These mineral buildups and rust can break down, crack or even rupture your sewer lining and walls.
  • Ground Shifting or High Water Pressure- Both of these issues will require attention since they can be the source of a lot of problems for your home’s sewer line.
Review by Christine C

The folks at MAS Plumbing are great. I am not ‘handy’ and have called them with a number of plumbing emergencies in the past two years. They have responded promptly, at times diagnosing the problem over the phone. All employees, and the owner, are polite and respectful. They get the job done promptly and have great customer service. This team has my strongest recommendation!

Used for sump pump replacement, ejector pump replacement, clogged sewer line, broken pipe, and gas leak under stove – all essentially emergencies.

Review by Julie A.
Project: Busted Pipe

First off, I was contacted same day I logged a request into their website. Second, when we scheduled the time and that time came, they were going to reschedule due to all the emergencies, when I told them I took off work to meet with the plumber and that I had a pipe in the house that busted from the weather, they sent someone out in the scheduled time so I was not inconvenienced. Third, Eric arrived, he was very professional, friendly, did not talk to me (a female) like I was an idiot. Eric did a fantastic job, we are very pleased with his work ethic and skills.


Additional Plumbing & Sewer Services Available in GLEN ELLYN

Sump Pumps

New Installation & Repair

Keep your home dry and protect it from unwanted or excessive water in the event of flooding, heavy rains, or waste water.

Hot Water Heaters

Inspections, repairs, and installation

Our experienced team can inspect, repair and maintain your current hot water heater model. In the event of a breakdown or if you wish to upgrade, we can replace your current model and install a new hot water heater in its place.

Drain Cleaning

We can diagnose & resolve any drain problem

We will rod sinks, sewers and tubs. Rodding of all drain lines and we also have video inspection available.

Toilets & Faucets

New Installation & Repair

From fixing leaks, to replacing old fixtures with new upgrades and more, we offer premium service at reasonable, fair rates.

Sewer REpair

Emergency Service 24/7. Flat Rate Pricing

Our professionals are fully-equipped and we own all of our equipment. This allows us to provide affordable, reliable and fast sewer line repair and installation services. This will save you time and money with less worry.

Gas Piping

Repair & Installation

Working on gas lines isn’t a job for do-it-yourselfers. Call us today for quality gas line repairs done by our professional, experienced staff. We can ensure your appliances, generators, grills, and more will be installed properly. 

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