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Drain Cleaning Service in Streamwood

When your pipes are making gurgly noises and struggling to clear, it’s a good idea to give MAS Plumbing a call! We have experience with drain issues of all kind, and a clog is something we can definitely get taken care of. It’s a good idea to get whatever problem you have checked out as soon as possible, because it’s a fact that over time it will only get worse and more expensive. Our services are professional and affordable, we come prepared with the equipment and expertise to diagnose and fix virtually any problem you may experience in Streamwood Illinois. We offer professional and affordable service, and we guarantee clear functioning drains in a timely manner. Our services include:

Video inspection of lines to diagnose problems

Kitchen sinks, bathroom tubs and everything in between

Video inspection of lines to diagnose problems

Jetting of all drain lines

Emergency service available 24/7

Preventive maintenance programs available

Flat Rate pricing


Frequently asked questions

Common Signs That You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Service

Frequently residents in Streamwood ask us how to know when a drain needs to be cleared. Some easy ways to tell if it’s time for your drain to be cleared out are listed below:

  • Slow-draining or standing water in your sink or bathtub.
  • The toilet isn’t flushing properly.
  • When the toilet is flushed, it takes more time than usual to drain.
  • Foul smells coming out of the drain.

If these signs are happening in your home or business, it is the right time to call MAS Plumbing to get everything back to working properly. Our recommendation is always to get professional snaking services rather than over-the-counter chemical drain cleaners. Store-bought drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that will damage your pipes over time, costing you more money down the road. Snaking service is safer and also more effective, especially when you have professionals taking care of it for you! For fast and effective drain clearing in Streamwood Illinois, call Mas Plumbing now and we’ll be ready to get rid of your home’s stubborn clog!

How Can I Prevent Clogged Drains?

Here are some tips that will help prevent clogs and serious problems:

  • Place food and hair screens on your tub and sink drains.
  • Never pour grease or solid food particles down the drain.
  • Sign up for a maintenance agreement where you can receive annual or semi-annual drain cleaning service appointments.
  • Once a week pour hot water down the drain to dislodge any debris before it has a chance to harden in the pipe.

How can I avoid clogs?

There are some easy tips to follow to avoid clogging sewer lines. See the list below of items you should never flush down the toilet.

  1. Extra-thick or an excessive amount of toilet paper.
  2. “Flushable” wipes. These wipes are not really flushable.
  3. Feminine hygiene products.

By throwing those objects in the trash instead, you can avoid serious drain problems. Frequently when we are called to deal serious clogs, we find these items stuck in the line. Save money by throwing these items in the trash!



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