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Are your pipes gurgling? Are you experiencing slow drains or clogs that just won’t budge? Whatever the symptoms, call in the experts at MAS Plumbing right away, before a little problem becomes a big one. We have the equipment and experience to diagnose and resolve virtually any drain problem you may encounter in your Bensenville home. We’ll get it done as quickly and affordably as possible. Our services include:

Video inspection of lines to diagnose problems

Kitchen sinks, bathroom tubs and everything in between

Video inspection of lines to diagnose problems

Jetting of all drain lines

Emergency service available 24/7

Preventive maintenance programs available

Flat Rate pricing


Frequently asked questions

Common Warning Signs You Need Professional Drain Cleaning Service

One of the most common questions we get is asked by customers in Bensenville is, “How do I know if I need drain clearing?” The answer is yes, if you experience any of the following signs in your home or business:

  • Slow-draining or standing water in your sink or bathtub.
  • Difficulty getting the toilet to flush properly.
  • When the toilet is flushed, it takes longer than usual to drain.
  • Foul smells coming from the drains.

Any number of these signs could mean a clog. We advise the use of professional snaking services over chemical drain cleaners because it’s safer and more effective. Store-bought drain cleaners contain harmful chemicals that corrode the pipe and weaken it over time. For prompt and affordable drain clearing in Bensenville call Mas Plumbing today!

How Can I Prevent Clogged Drains?

  • Install food and hair screens on your tub and sink drains.
  • Never pour grease or solid food particles down the drain.
  • Sign up for a maintenace agreement whereas you can receive annual or semi-annual drain cleaning service appointments.
  • At least once per week, we recommend, pouring hot water down the drain to dislodge any debris before it has a chance to harden in the pipe.

Can Toilet paper clog a toilet?

Unfortunately, toilet paper can clog sewer lines. Generally, this only happens if you:

  1. Use extra-thick toilet paper that your system cannot easily process.
  2. Use an excessive amount of toilet paper with each flush.

In addition to toilet paper getting wadded up in your sewer line, items like “flushable” wipes (spoiler alert: not really flushable) and feminine hygiene products can easily become a problem. We hihgly recommend that if you are to use “flushable wipes” that you discard them in the trash and do NOT flush them. 


Happy Customers

Review by Jessica M
Project: Plumbing Services
Excellent! Barb is so friendly and helpful. Keith called ahead of time to let me know he was on his way and was also friendly and helpful. I am very happy with the work he did here! I would definitely recommend this company to friends and family!
Review by Phil T
Project: Hot Water Heater Replacement
Needed to replace a hot water heater in a rental unit. Mas Plumbing was referred to me, they responded quickly and came out the the next morning. They were done in 2.5 hours, they took the old unit away and did a great job on the install. 5 stars for them.
Review by Christopher F
Project: Plumbing Services
Excellent job!! Kieth got the job done on time and on budget. Will be using MAS for all future plumbing needs.
Review by Amanda I.
Project: Plumbing Services
We’ve used Mas for a few projects around our house during our renovations/updates and love their business. All the guys are super nice, explain what they are doing, and offer up tips and helpful good-to-knows. We just had a new water heater put in and, as always, from the initial conversations with Barb to the guys showing up exactly on time and doing a perfectly clean job- we couldn’t be happier. We recommend Mas to all our friends. Its comforting to have a good plumber in your corner and we love using a small business instead of a chain. Keep up the good work!

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